Top 10 Reasons for Painting Kitchen Cabinet

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Top 10 Reasons for Painting Kitchen Cabinet – refinishing kitchen cabinets

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There are so many good reasons why you should refinishing kitchen cabinets or to paint your old and weary kitchen cabinet. Now is the time to transform your kitchen to make it more stylish and make it something you will absolutely love. If you want to know why you should Paint kitchen cabinets, below are the top 10 reasons for transforming your kitchen from drab to fab.

  1. To Give Your Kitchen a Whole New Look With refinishing kitchen cabinets

    Painting your kitchen cabinet can do your kitchen many wonders. It can make a huge difference in its looks, making it more modern and up-to-date. Depending on the color of the paint you used, you will be able to make your kitchen space look brighter and lighter. In fact, it can also make your counter top look better too.


  3. More Affordable than Replacing the Cabinets Altogether

    Compared to replacing your old kitchen cabinets, painting is way less expensive. Out of all the items inside your kitchen, the cabinets are likely to be the most expensive. Now, if you cannot afford to buy a new one then painting your old one will save you a big sum. By painting, you do not need to worry about removal and installation costs.</.p>


  5. A Lot Less Inconvenient and a Quicker Project

    Compared to completely remodeling your entire kitchen, simply painting your kitchen cabinet is faster and less inconvenient. A total kitchen upgrade takes a long time – six weeks at minimum. It can even take several months when something goes wrong that causes delay.

    It is definitely not fun if your entire house is a mess. If you just simply paint your kitchen cabinet, the process is much shorter. Often, it only takes a week and less to finish upgrading your kitchen space. This is because there are no lead times or waiting for contractors that can delay the work.


  7. Better Paint colors Choices Are Now Available

    The idea of painting cabinets is now more popular than ever. As a result, paint manufacturers introduced new and much better paint options. You now have paints specially designed for kitchen cabinets.

    These paints are much better in that they are more durable. With these paints, you can make sure that your cabinet stays good-looking for a long time. There are many inferior products in the market and so you need to be careful about your paint choice or you will end up with extra cost.


  9. Improves the Value of Your House

    An upgraded, modern-looking kitchen sells a home. It can definitely turn people off if your kitchen is dingy and old. Home-buyers look for value and newly painted cabinets are a good way to do that. If you do not want your sit too long in the market but do not want to spend a lot, this is what you need.

    Most home buyers factor the look of your kitchen. The good news is nowadays it no longer cause a fortune to remodel a kitchen. By just painting your kitchen cabinet, you can make your kitchen space look nicer, larger and attractive.


  11. Transform Your Kitchen from Dark and Dreary to Bright and Inviting

    Even if you do not plan to sell your home, it is great to paint your kitchen cabinet, especially if it makes your space look dark and dreary. Applying a fresh coat of white paint or something similar can effectively make it look brighter, attractive and more inviting in such an easy way.


  13. Painting is the “In” Right Now

    Painted cabinets are popular right now. In fact, not just cabinets but also furniture pieces in the kitchen. Painting them can really upgrade your old and worn kitchen without the large cost. Even more, you can customize your kitchen so that makes it more popular.


  15. To Make a Real Difference in the Look of Your Kitchen

    A dirty, scratched kitchen cabinet can easily make everything else in the kitchen look bad. Even if your appliances, fixtures, and counter tops are nice, a dingy cabinet will bring it all down. However, just a fresh coat of paint is sure to make a difference in how your kitchen looks.


  17. Make Your Kitchen Look Updated and Modern

    A kitchen that looks dated translates to one thing – you did not have the means to renovate it. To home buyers, the impression is they are not about to buy that house. You can make your kitchen dated and modern without being costly by painting the cabinets and a little swapping of the hardware.


  19. Eliminate the Scratches, Nicks and Worn Surfaces

    Old kitchen cabinets often have worn and scratched surfaces that are not at all a cause to smile. If your kitchen cabinets are like this, it will give an impression that you do not take care of them. This will result to not a single buyer wanting to buy your home.

Refinishing Your Kitchen Cabinet

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