Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing can be a very cost-effective way to upgrade your kitchen. If you are not sure what refacing is or whether refacing might work for you, contact Eagle Painting to learn more or keep reading. As you will see, refacing is a great option for those who want to achieve a new look and feel in their kitchens but can't take on a full-scale remodeling project at the moment. Let's start by looking at what refacing is.

What is Cabinet Refacing?

If your kitchen is older and needs a makeover, then refacing your cabinets is a great starting point and a relatively small and simple project. First, we'll remove the cabinet doors and the moldings. Considering the cabinet rails and styles, we'll layout a new veneer to cover the exposed cabinet. We can add a flat veneer or a raised panel to the side of the cabinets. Then, we'll install beautiful new doors.

At this point, we can add matching crown molding as well as handles and knobs. Your new cabinets will make your kitchen look and feel like a brand new kitchen as well. The power of refacing is undeniable!

What are the Benefits of Cabinet Refacing?

Perhaps the most notable benefit of refacing is that it is far less expensive than a full-scale kitchen remodel. With refacing, all you need to purchase are new cabinet doors and veneers rather than full cabinets. You won't have to pay for those ugly garbage bins either that will sit in front of your driveway. The cost to ship should be less than the cost of cabinets, and finally, you can keep your existing counter and save thousands!

Cabinet Refacing is Faster

Another benefit of cabinet refacing is a quicker turnaround. Refacing can be done in a week or so, whereas remodeling might take a couple of months. All-around, refacing is just more convenient! You can access and use your kitchen during the installation project, and the project will be less intrusive on your home overall. You won't have bulky cabinets sitting around your home for days, and you won't have dust and dirt spilling all over the house.

Refacing is Less Intrusive

If you can't afford a full-blown kitchen remodel as of yet, or you just don't have the time to do it right now, you'll find that cabinet refacing is much more economical and less complicated. We won't have to go through the dreaded bureaucracy and cost of pulling permits with refacing. There should be no major plumbing or electrical modifications either, which will save you money as well. Further, we're not exposing any new areas of the floor, and we won't be knocking down or cutting holes in any of the walls.

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As you can see, cabinet refacing is a much less complicated process than remodeling. Now that you have a better idea of what refacing is, contact Eagle Painting for a free estimate.



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