Cabinet Refacing Marietta Ga

Usually, when people think about upgrading their kitchen, the first thought that comes to mind is removing and replacing the cabinets. Before taking on such an expensive project, consider cabinet refacing. Eagle Painting offers you the best cabinet refacing in Marietta, GA.

Why should I update my cabinets?

Regular use makes cabinets look old and dull with time. Fashion evolves with time, so do you, but your cabinets are stuck in the dark ages.  Refacing enables you to enhance your kitchen's cabinets with a modern, stylish look without having to replace them altogether. It allows you to give your kitchen an affordable makeover that perfectly reflects your personality.

We update your current cabinet doors, making them look like entirely new ones: you do not have to buy new doors necessarily. This not only shortens the process, but it also saves on the cost of purchasing new doors.

Signs you should reface your cabinets

You love your cabinets; they have served you for years. However, they are old and dated, and you are looking into sprucing them up. Before rushing to replace them, consider other options available to you, such as refacing. Refacing allows you to give your cabinets a new look without the price tag that comes with replacement.

Here are three signs that refacing is the best solution for you:

  1. Reduced functionality – your old cabinets have stopped functioning as well after some time. The hinges get stuck, the cabinet swings open at a weird angle, etc. making their use frustrating for you.
  2. Out-dated design – Our homes are a representation of the people we are. Each room speaks to an aspect of our personalities, including the kitchen. As such, your kitchen should move with the times as you do. We go above and beyond to give your cabinets a modern facelift.
  3. Style – Refacing not only changes the look of your kitchen; it gives your home more style, boosting its value. Cabinet refacing in Marietta, GA, completely alters the look of your cabinets, making them look like entirely new cabinets. Are you looking to sell the house? This will hike up its value significantly.

How does refacing differ from refinishing?

Refacing and refinishing are a more affordable alternative to replacing cabinets. Cabinet makers typically use the term resurfacing interchangeably with refacing; this is the changing of the look on the visible surfaces of cabinets. 

In kitchen refinishing, all the components of the current cabinets remain intact, with the only thing changing being the color or finish of the cabinets. It involves stripping the regular finish or color from the cabinets and applying different paint or stain.

Both options are good alternatives to replacing the cabinets. If your primary consideration is changing the current style of your kitchen, refacing is the best choice, whereas refinishing is a more affordable option. For cabinet refacing in Marietta, GA, Eagle Painting is your best bet. Client satisfaction is our main priority, and as such, we aim to provide the best kitchen refacing services.  

Cabinet Refacing Marietta Ga
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