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As building get older, cracks and leaks in the construction start to appear here or there. During the summer you barely notice that something is wrong, but as the winter season comes you start to feel the difference. At first, you start turning on air conditioning earlier than usual, then the temperature on the heater is not enough to warm up the house and energy bills continue to grow.

Despite all the effort, house reminds cold. Every home suffers from the leakage of energy as time passes by, but you shouldn’t let fixable cracks leak money out of your pocket. As the prices of energy continue to rise, we at Eagle Painting & Pressure Washing know the value and importance of saving warmth and money.

One of the ways to deal with this problem is sealing the cracks in the building. Caulking is a process that requires proper preparation of the surface and the knowledge of material peculiarities. Sealing cracks that let heat escape outside, and glazing the windows is going to help save energy and money. We hire specialists with experience in caulking to ensure that the procedure is done accordingly and that Kennesaw painters strictly follow the caulking and glazing processes to trap the warmth inside during the winter or keep it outside in summers.

Thou, heat or cool escaping outside is not the only problem that can occur with unsealed cracks. These little leaks allow moisture to set in and spread into walls and ceilings, which creates a conducive environment for mold. Eventually, water will set in and cause structural damage, which is not as simple as regular caulking.

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