Paint Colors That Will Help You Sell Your Home

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Paint Colors That Will Help You Sell Your Home

Selling a home can be a challenging experience, no matter how incredible your property might be. Finding the right buyer can be like looking for a needle in a haystack, and if you don’t make the right first impression on the people who come to view your property, your chances of getting a bite could be lower than you’d like.

While there’s a good chance that the person who purchases your home will want to re-decorate almost as soon as they move in, making sure you spruce up your property with the right paint colors could be the secret solution to convincing someone that your house is worth going a little over their budget for, and might even make their lives a little easier.

So, which colors instantly make your home more sale-friendly?

1.     White

Whether you’re spray-painting your kitchen cabinets, or you’re giving your home more curb appeal by painting the exterior, white is the perfect, and most simple choice to go for. While the success of other shades will often depend on personal preferences, white is clean, forgiving, and it goes with almost everything.

Another great thing about using white in your paint job is that it makes the spaces inside your house seem bigger too. That means that you can convince your buyers that they’re getting more home for their money.

2.     Earthy Tones

The key to earthy tones is making sure that you don’t go “too” dull and boring with deep browns and beiges. Make sure that you stick to warm shades like soft oranges, tan, reds, and greens. All of these colors are inviting, and they make your property feel more like a “home” than just another clinical structure.

Keep in mind that earth tones generally work best with hardwood flooring and raw natural accents. However, if you already have a lot of wood in your furniture, you could end up giving off a “country lodge” impression. Keep the style of your house in mind when choosing your designs, and remember that beige colors don’t always work with Victorian properties.

3.     Neutral Colors

Finally, neutral colors might not be the most exciting shades in the world, but when the aim is to sell your home, they could be a dream come true. Ultimately, everyone from real-estate agents to professional decorators recommend that you should start with a neutral color pallet if you want to attract as many happy viewers as possible.

Neutral colors are easy to live with, and they’re a breeze to paint over too, which means that your buyers won’t have to worry about spending extra money on pots of paint to get rid of the bright or dark colors you might personally prefer for your walls.


Additionally, neutral colors like cream and magnolia also make homes look particularly good in online photos, which is generally where most searchers will begin looking for their ideal property.


Just remember that there are exceptions to the rule, for instance, your bathroom can generally be painted in more of a fun, bright color than your dining or living room.


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