Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing

Cabinet Refacing or Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing Services and refinish kitchen cabinets contractors

Eagle Painting is your reliable companion if you aim to rejuvenate your home through cabinet, refacing. Our company offers top-notch services in Atlanta, GA when you want to improve the appearance of your cabinets and make it look like brand new.

Just many other homeowners who aim to invest in a kitchen remodeling project, but you still want to maintain your kitchen’s layout, cabinet refacing is a highly recommended option for you. This service is sometimes called cabinet resurfacing. It lets you achieve a different color and design of your cabinet while it remains on its structure.

The cabinet refacing involves the replacement and veneering of the exterior part of the cabinet since it is mostly visible at all times. We can have it remain on its current structure, but the veneer will provide it a well-finished look. We may also replace its doors and drawers as you request.

With this service, you don’t have to invest in a major kitchen renovation. We can still transform the look of your kitchen into a beautiful one. Refacing your existing cabinets is a good option without ripping out your entire kitchen or buying new cabinets to replace the old ones. When you only want to have a stylistic change and save money for the renovation, the New Life Painting will make sure you got the service based on your preferred option.

Cabinet refacing will save you the hassle as well as half of the cost of buying new cabinets. Remember that most of the kitchen cabinets that look dull might still be in a perfect condition. You may only choose to have its doors replaced if you want that people will see a new surface. We have a team of professionals who are licensed to transform the beauty of your kitchen into a remarkable one.

In most cases, cabinet refacing allows you to save about 50% of the amount of money you will spend when you buy new cabinets and have them installed. This economical choice provides less task since it only takes days to complete and you can already return to your routine again.

Getting a cabinet refacing is also an excellent choice if you don’t have any problem with the functionality or construction of your cabinets. It is eligible for refacing if you only want to improve its color and design without having to tear it apart. This service allows you to achieve its new look, whether you want it to appear modern or unique.

It prevents you to waste the parts of the cabinets that still function well. There is no need to remove them, and instead, you can have them refaced to avoid wastage. Furthermore, it gives you several good options that you might want to try like new veneer, replacement of knobs, or installation of handles.

Our team can collaborate with you by asking for your preference, so we know how you want it to look. We make sure that this service is affordable because we want that every homeowner in Atlanta, GA has the opportunity to experience an exquisite-looking kitchen design. We ensure that we do the process quick so you can immediately return on your daily routine right after we finish the project.

Each of our skilled professionals has undergone training and certification to make sure they can do the work efficiently. We are focused on giving our customers an exceptional customer service that exceeds their expectations. In several years of serving the entire community, we understand how important is it for you to improve the ambiance of your kitchen since it is the most favorite part of the home of most moms.