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Staining is an excellent option to showcase more of the features of the wood material used to construct the cabinet. It provides a well-balanced mood, emphasizing both the color and texture of the wood. The stained cabinet doesn’t steal the natural beauty of the wood’s character. And for this job, trust us because we have years of experience in this field. Contact us to know more.


Specializations of Our Kitchen Cabinet Staining Contractors


We have the required training and extensive knowledge in this domain. That is why you can have complete peace of mind leaving it over to us. Our application is thinner than paint, which emphasizes the natural charm of the wood. As a result, your visitors will surely appreciate your cabinet’s distinctive features.


  • If you are planning to sell your home in the next few years, cabinet staining can help enhance the value of your property. We ensure that the color we apply is durable and can stand out.

  • Our techniques are entirely dependable to make sure that the result exceeds your expectation. With the cabinet staining service we offer, we can provide recommendations about the best color that might be suitable for the aesthetics of your home.

  • However, we can humbly follow your preference if you want to suggest a signature color of your choice.

  • It’s either you ask us for a recommendation, or you may also want to apply your personal touch.

  • Cabinet staining also provides easier touch-ups. Accidents like the spilling of chemicals may happen mainly in the kitchen or bathroom.

  • It is easier to find a touch-up marker that blends well with the color of your cabinet so visitors cannot notice them. Even if the marker you buy is not an exact match, you can still find something that resembles closely the color of the stained cabinet. Reading our blogs can help you know more.

Why Get Cabinet Staining From Eagle Painting

  • With us, staining is a cost-effective way to remodel your cabinets regardless of their size and construction.

  • The cost you’ll spend is lower compared to getting a full renovation service. You also have the option to customize the color of the stain which will surely enhance the beauty of the wood.

  • It will give your cabinet a makeover at a low cost. Staining could also be an excellent alternative to painting.

  • It is inexpensive, yet gives your cabinet a unique and fantastic look. It makes a huge difference from just having a bare and dull surface.

  • Whether you want a classic or modern cabinet, we have our staining service to handle your request.

  • Our skilled professionals make sure that your cabinets deserve a second look. We ensure to bring out its distinct character to impress your visitors.

In several years of serving the industry, Eagle Painting knows that every homeowner would want their homes to keep updated on the latest trends. Stained cabinets will never be out of style. Residential and commercial properties always use it. We also make sure that the staining application we do lasts longer. It should resist wear and tear to maintain the value of your investment. We are a team of reliable professionals who offer a durable option to produce brand-new-looking cabinetry. All the work we do is tailored to what you want to achieve. For several years of being trustworthy professionals in Cartersville, GA, we already have a wide variety of cabinetry collections, and there you will find the best staining services we have done in the past. We do what we say, and we commit ourselves to prioritize the needs of our customers.