Why Refacing than Replacing?

Spray Painters for Kitchen Cabinets

Our expert cabinet refinishing kennesaw can create the kitchen of your dreams.

Are you tired of looking at your old cabinets? Do you want beautiful hardwood cabinets without disruption? It’s the perfect time to reface your kitchen cabinets. When remodeling your home kitchen, Painting your kitchen cabinets is the primary consideration. According to the experts, kitchen remodeling provides the highest return on value. kitchen door paint kennesaw is the best improvements homeowners can make.

Kitchen cabinet painting lets you to have modernized kitchen in just three to five days without the inconvenience can get in major remodeling and the cost of a major remodeling job. You can save by sixty percent in refinishing compared with replacing them. Refacing doesn’t mean sacrificing of beauty. You have dozens of choices of styles. You can customize kitchen that you want.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Before and After

Refacing cabinets is the most effective option to cabinet replacement. It is the process that takes three to five days. But, how does cabinet reface Woodstock process work? First, check the cabinet frames to ensure that they are in good condition. Then, replace all cabinet drawers and doors fronts

Boxes and frames of existing cabinets are keep intact. Paint and a pre-finished wood veneer is applied to existing frames. When you put new doors and drawer fronts, it will look like you have had new cabinets installed.

Through cabinet Refacing, you can brighten up a tired, dark kitchen or freshen up a modernize one. With thousands of materials, colors and style, you will find a perfect look for your kitchen. You can choose from solid wood, bamboo in many stains, paints and finishes. Choose a new handles, pulls and knobs to complement your kitchen’s new look. Then add dividers, trays and organize the way you wanted. Let your friends be amazed the next time they will visit your house.

The Offered Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Refacing is the best option to update your kitchen. You will enjoy minimum savings in installing new cabinets because of the lower labor and material costs and by avoiding the effect of major remodeling-

  • Removing existing and expansion cabinets
  • Replacing torn-out walls and floor
  • Installation of new cabinets

Whenever you are in need of any of the services listed above, you can contact Painted Kitchen Cabinets Marietta.


You should not be rush in Refacing your kitchen cabinets. This may result to a biggest mistake without a perfect plan. Here are some tips to lay in mind:

  • Make a plan to serve as your guide- make a sketch what you want your kitchen to look like.
  • Awareness of the budget- keep the budget in your mind as you go forward.
  • Be organized- stick to the set schedule for completion.
  • Keep track of your development- take note of the effective way to keep track of your Refacing project.
  • Expect the unexpected- when you tear out the wall you will find something unexpected. It is necessary to have contingency plans.
  • Do much work preparation- if the cabinets are still in good condition then reface them.
  • Replace the sink- do not move sink instead, replace them to save money.
  • Do not move gas appliances- moving gas appliances ads money to the budget.
  • Take time to hire professionals- if you are going to hire professionals make sure to check their credentials. Do not be afraid to speak. Professionals will welcome your concerns.