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Our Expert Cabinet Refinishing Kennesaw Can Create The Kitchen Of Your Dreams

Kitchen cabinet painting lets you have a modernized kitchen in just three to five days without the inconvenience that can get in major remodeling and the cost of a major remodeling job. You can save by sixty percent in refinishing compared with replacing them. Refacing doesn’t mean sacrificing beauty. You have dozens of choices of styles. You can customize the kitchen that you want.

Guidelines for Choosing Professional Painted Kitchen Cabinet ContractorsPainted Kitchen Cabinets

Refacing cabinets is the most effective option for cabinet replacement. It is a process that takes three to five days. But, how does the cabinet reface Woodstock process work? First, we check the cabinet frames to ensure that they are in good condition. Then, replace all cabinet drawers and door fronts. Here are some guidelines for hiring a professional painting contractor:


  • Ask for referrals from your friends, neighbors, and acquaintances that have good experience with painting contractors in their area. Professional painters should at least have 3 customers reference.

  • You can get an estimation into three contractors in order to differentiate from one another. When you receive the contractor estimates, they should fall approximately within the same price range. If it differs from one another, ask what’s making them vary.

  • You should interview each candidate to know the personality and skills of the contractors.

  • As you meet with each professional painting contractor, pay attention to their behavior.

  • Also, pay attention to the contractor’s personal presentation. If they are professional then they’ll provide a good quality paint job.

  • After observing the behavior of the contractor, always get at least three references from past customers and contact them directly to evaluate the painter’s works and to witness how well it has held the details up over time.

Why Choose Eagle Painting For Kitchen Cabinet Painting

  • Here at Eagle Painting, we can help you transform your kitchen with the upgrades you need for style, aesthetic appeal, and practicality.

  • The hiring of our professionals will help you to avoid a mess that you may face when trying to accomplish the task of cabinet painting in Georgia on your own

  • As our professionals come with an expanded experience in this field, they will be able to understand your requirement

  • They are well-behaved and know how to satisfy the clients by providing a quality service

  • They will reach you at the right time and will provide you with a quick and hassle-free service

  • They have the access to the proper equipment and provide the service at an affordable price

Once you settle on a contractor, ask for the written contract and evaluation it carefully. As a customer, you have a right to ask detailed questions or any clarification on any issues regarding the job. Examples: what should be painted in the house, trims, walls, etc., and how much the project will take? Once you complete these steps, you’ll be ready to hire the perfect professional painting contractors and enjoy your newly painted home. Choosing your painting contractor is very important. The first step towards a stunning paint job is to choose the best professional painting contractors. Be wise and choose the Best!