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How to Distress Cabinets

Photos of distressed cabinets (photos of distressed cabinets). Photos of distressed wood cabinet finishes (photos of distressed wood cabinet finishes).
Distressed cabinets photos (distressed cabinets photos). Distressing cabinets photos (distressing cabinets photos). Distressed kitchen cabinets photos (distressed kitchen cabinets photos). Glazed distressed cabinets photos (glazed distressed cabinets photos). Black distressed kitchen cabinets photo (black distressed kitchen cabinets photo).

Distressing techniques are an ideal way to give your new cabinets a stylish and distinct look. Our team of artisans can apply virtually any technique you can think or dream of. As a premier custom cabinet maker the quality of our work is unparalleled, we focus on the smallest details to ensure you are completely satisfied with your new luxury cabinets. Browse through some of the more common distressing techniques or let us know if there is something you had in mind.

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to distress cabinets, start by sanding them with 80-grit sandpaper to rough up the surface so the stain sticks. Then, use a cloth to rub a stain or glaze into the surface of the wood, adding more layers until you’re satisfied with the color. Next, apply petroleum jelly to the parts of the cabinets you want to distress, focusing on the corners and edges since these are the places that usually weather first. When you’re finished, apply a few coats of acrylic or latex paint. Finally, once the paint is dry, apply 3 coats of sealer to finish your cabinets. To learn how to distress cabinets that are already painted, scroll down!.

This set went out in ne edmond into a gated community, an oil executive’s family. Raised panel doors, shapered edge drawer fronts, stacked upper cabinets with lighted mullion pane doors. Arches and corbels over the kitchen window and the dish rack. Two open display areas plus the bookcase end on the distressed brown painted island.

Distressed kitchen cabinets are far from a damsel in distress. This style can be simply worn or truly beat up with a rustic finish adding depth and character to any kitchen. Distressed furniture is far from a damsel in distress and has been gaining popularity over the past few years. The technique used in creating distressed wood is not as difficult as it actually sound! the only thing that we need in doing such projects is patience and commitment to a well-organized plan. Plus, the aged look of distressed wood adds a modern elegance to any kitchen design.

Antique white distressed cabinets work just as well with an old-world style as they do acting as a contrasting backdrop to a more modern space. Unlike most refinishing projects, you can skip fixing any dents or minor damage to the cabinets before you start. These things will only add to the charm of the end result.

Natural. Full of character. Imposing old world value and solidity are the hallmarks of mocha distressed. Full of character, these cabinets speak of natural, no-nonsense taste and sensibility. Rustic yet sophisticated, they will stand the test of time. A powerful look and natural feel that both dominates and reassures.

Method 2 of 2: Weathering Painted Cabinets

A distressed finish creates an old look and feel on newly made cabinets and is often given to chests, antiques, cabinets, drawer chests and trunks. Tarnishes and the color variations of the different kinds of furniture can give the desired character to a room. There are several ways to achieve a distressed finish. One method is to cover the first layer of paint with a second of contrasting color. The second coat is then wiped off immediately leaving smears of a different color on the initial paint to make it look old. Another way to achieve this finish is to scrape or sand a newly painted cabinet to remove layers of the paint and reveal parts of the wood below.

To use this method, you need to start with unpainted cabinets. If your cabinets are stained or painted, they can be sanded down to the original wood. Depending on the type of wood, a medium to course sandpaper would be used for this step. Apply the paint color of your choice to the cabinets, then wipe it off in random spots before it has time to dry. For this process, latex paint is preferred over oil based paint.

How to Get the Antique White Distressed Look on Cabinets

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How to paint kitchen cabinets to look antique youtube.

The easiest to distress are white cabinets, as they easily take the pigments of the staining/antiquing glazes. White cabinets which are a bit older/well-used, are even easier to work with as it probably has already worn down its original protective coatings. Country style kitchens would also look good with distressed kitchen cabinets. These types of kitchens are commonly known for their rugged casual look that has a very warm & homey feel. This example is definitely good for those who currently have white country-style cabinetry, but somehow lacks warmth and personality. By using a heavier distressing technique that creates a faux “sanded down/worn-paint” look, the bleak white cabinet surfaces seems to come to life.

A distressed finish is used to make new furniture appear old and aged. Distressed finishes are often created by making the paint seem worn or scratched. A distressed finish is a technique that is used to give new furniture an aged appearance. Distressed finishes are common on antiques, collectibles, trunks, chests of drawers and cabinets. Tarnish and color variations on several types of furniture can add character to a room. A distressed finish can be created in several ways. One technique involves covering the initial layer of paint with a second color. The second layer of paint is then quickly wiped away, which smears it to make it appear worn. Another technique is to sand or scrape a fresh coat of paint after it has dried. The sandpaper will remove small areas of paint to reveal the color that lies below it. A distressed finish can be accentuated with the addition of unique hardware, such as antique drawer pulls or iron hinges.

Give your cabinets an antique, timeworn look with showplace distressing. The aged appearance adds class to any kitchen—and it’s a look that never gets old. The distressing process creates soft corners and profiles and subtle, randomly-placed dents. Showplace stained cabinets can be distressed to fit your preference and may include combinations of oversanding and chain denting.

You can also get the look of antique painted cabinets with milk paint. Milk paint is made from simple ingredients—milk protein, lime and clay—and it can be used on nearly any surface without sanding or priming first, making it a great option for distressing painted cabinets. The real milk paint company offers finishing creams that can be applied with a rag, brush, damp sponge or even a spatula. These creams dry to a clear finish, giving your cabinets a distressed, antique look when applied over paint.

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do you think distressed kitchen cabinets have a place in the modern kitchen? antiqued, weathered, patina… let’s see if they are still a hot trend. Distressed kitchen cabinets have been a hot trend for many years. If the choice knew a peak some 10-15  years ago, it is by no means over. The technique has refined, styles and finishes have multiplied. Everybody has an opinion about what style will be in and which one is on the outs this year, next year… but the truth is vintage is very in. Short of shopping around antique shops to repurpose materials, the easier route is still “new but old”.

Nails (or any other sharp, pointed objects)
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distressed kitchen cabinets can really give your kitchen a touch of class. When furniture is distressed it is given an aged look, which makes it appear as though it is an antique. Indeed, distressing furniture is a very popular custom with many homeowners because it can be easily done on one’s own without any significant expenses.

How to Make Cabinets Look Rustic With Paint

In a room with a lot of cabinets, the color and style of the cabinets can dictate the style of the rest of the room, since they are so prominent in the decor. Painting or decorating the cabinets helps them blend in better with a new style.
For instance, if you want a more rustic or natural look in your room, changing the cabinets is an ideal way to enhance the look. There are several ways to make cabinets rustic by making them seem more weathered, old or natural, without having to wait for years.

The technique of paint distressing is very popular and gives the cabinets more of a country or rustic appeal. Some customers appreciate the natural knotty and distress look of the wood and choose to leave it visible. 10 photos.

Alterkraft™ offers a full line of premium custom cabinetry from our rustic, distressed, or reclaimed series to our finest traditional cherry or painted kitchen cabinets. We can meet all of your needs while having few limitations. We want to make your ideas and inspirations come to life. Benefits of our.

The kitchen cabinets are the first things that people will notice about your kitchen when they enter the room, and you want to make sure you have the right cabinets to both look great and be functional at the same time. If you are looking to go a little more rustic with that ultra-popular farmhouse flair, it can be difficult to come up with good ideas for paint or hardware on your own. There are so many color options, wood options, and hardware options that it can make your head spin when you are trying to decide. It’s enough to make people reconsider the renovation.

Some homeowners opt for the typical stock cabinets with a smooth, laminated finish; others prefer the rustic, old-fashioned look of something that has seen some use. Distressing wood is the act of antiquing it with dents, chips or even cuts. When it comes to painting distressed cabinets, there are a range of color selections that will give you a look you will be satisfied with for years to come.

Distressing is one of several faux painting techniques used to create a worn and weathered finish. The distressed effect on wooden items endows them with an antique or ‘shabby chic’ look that is essential in a variety of décor schemes, from antique elegance to the informal rustic style. Distressing is an effective way to age doors on bedroom, kitchen and other cabinets to produced a textured and less bland appearance.

Distressed kitchen cabinets can be painted with different colors. For example, grey, medium blue and pale green can be the best ideas. If you want to make your kitchen functioned well, you need to have kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets can be designed in various styles. One of the best ideas is distressed kitchen cabinets. It is a kind of kitchen cabinets that is appropriate for you who have a rustic kitchen. Distressed cabinets can be painted in various colors. So, you have to choose the color that is suitable for distressed cabinet style. Here are some color ideas that will be best to apply.

How to Distress Your Kitchen Cabinets

Paint for the bottom layer
paint for the top layer
distressing materials (keys, padlock and hammer)
kitchen cabinets are a strong focal point in your home. If you’re a fan of antiqued wood, consider distressing your cabinets. Distressing a cabinet is basically taking something new or unfinished and making it look like it is old. This article will explain how to easily distress your kitchen cabinets.

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When thinking of kitchen cabinet overhauls, you may wish to go from modern to antique. An ageless look of old world charm can be created by simply distressing your kitchen cabinets. The process is not difficult, and the results can be quite beautiful. Before beginning, ensure you’re working with decent quality cabinetry. Those $49 soft pine cabinets sold in outlet stores won’t hold up to this process. The strength and workmanship of your cabinets are important considerations here. It’s also vital to know the type of wood you’ll be working with. Regular (not soft) pine is softer, so it’s essential that it be subjected to less distress. Oak, cherry, walnut and other hardwoods can take more of a beating, which essentially is what the ‘distress’ process involves.

Millennium cabinetry
look at the distressed kitchen island we have in this kitchen. The color is evidently different from all the cabinets but sure stands out!.

​the glaze on these cabinets was making the kitchen look dirty. The distressing was deep and probably done with an electric sander leaving deep gauges in the wood. Kitchen cabinets before updating looked dingy and dirty.

Amazing kitchen features a kitchen island topped with a la dolce vita quartzite countertop across from light gray distressed cabinets paired with la dolce vita countertops and a subway tiled backsplash flanking a distressed gray kitchen hood over a mosaic marble cooktop backsplash and a stainless steel stove with two ovens.

The inspiration behind my decision to distress my kitchen cabinets came from this article. I fell in love with that french inspired kitchen and decided i needed a little of that in my life s’il vous plait!  we inherited black granite counter tops and painted white cabinets from the previous owners, so we weren’t too far off of the inspiration kitchen. All i needed to do was distress the cabinets to achieve the look. It wasn’t a difficult task but it was time consuming.

Step 2 – Apply the Bottom Layer of Paint

Apply one coat of paint to your piece and let it dry completely. If you’re painting a piece made of raw or primed wood or mdf, then it’ll likely be ready for its second coat within an hour. If you’re painting a previously painted surface, then it’s better to give the paint a good chance to cure. For laminated wood or a previous oil-paint layer, we recommend a light sanding or even priming before the first paint coat, and curing for 24 hours before continuing on to the next step.

Step 3 – Apply the Top Layer of Paint

If you want the piece to look like it’s been painted before, you’ll want to buy two colors of paint so the base color shows through when the top player is distressed. If you want wood peeking through, you can use one paint color. Paint the entire piece, applying a second coat if necessary. Allow the paint to dry completely.

Step 4: sand and apply vaseline
lightly sand it again using 220 grit. Get a small amount of vaseline and place on the areas you want to distress, ie…. The areas you want the stain to show through. Keep in mind that you want to dab it in areas where natural distressing occurs (like i mentioned above in step 3). The vaseline makes the top coat of paint practically fall off with ease so apply it wherever you want to distress the piece later. You can almost wipe it off with a rag so you have to be careful where you put it. Don’t overdo it though. The vaseline smears easily and can leave you with larger exposed areas after distressing that you may not want.

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how to distress kitchen cabinets with chalk paint refinishing with glaze and cream color kitchen cabinets our home. How to distress kitchen cabinets with chalk paint how to distress kitchen cabinets. How to distress kitchen cabinets with chalk paint chalk paint vs milk paint for kitchen cabinets beautiful distressed.

The distressed kitchen cabinets are a great choice for you who want to create the casually chic and welcoming design in your kitchen space. With distressed cabinets, you can also incorporate the somewhat rustic feel and look to your kitchen interior design. There are many homeowners grab this opportunity by distressing the cabinets themselves, proving how it is a highly possible diy project. Alternatively, you can also order the cabinet units pre-distressed.

You’re just steps away from the kitchen you’ve been craving—without the cost and mess you thought it would require. Rust-oleum® cabinet transformations® is a revolutionary do-it-yourself coating system that will completely change the look of your cabinets in three simple steps. Perfect for kitchen cabinets, bath vanities and furniture
easy to use, no special skills required.

Distressed painted cabinets can make your cabinets look classy and antique. In fact, when you do distress your cabinets you will find that it will make your cabinets look more elegant and chic. Distressed painted cabinets also draw attention and will make your kitchen look that much more attractive. Here is a look at how you can distress your cabinets.

The objective of this buena vista kitchen remodel: to create a highly functioning kitchen in the existing galley footprint. The space is appointed with distressed antique white maple inset kitchen cabinets, built-in paneled appliances and beautiful, granite tops. The entire space is anchored by the unique original pine floors. Read more.

Today is such a happy day!! this distressed cabinet sold out in about an hour last time we offered it! yes an hour!! so it makes us giddy with excitement to bring you it again!! we are not kidding, grab one before they all sell out!!
if you are like us, vintage connoisseurs, you will truly appreciate this distressed piece! we are absolutely in love with the large size, hand distressed white paint finish, architectural design, the shape of the windows and of course the vintage inspired metal wire screen. These seemingly old cabinets are classic beauties that will look stunning lined with photos, old books, statues, flowers, plants, or even all of the above! or try mounting these wall shelves in your bathroom or kitchen to create more space. They are the perfect spot for rolled hand towels or other bathroom and kitchen essentials.

From the fun and flirty, relaxed and casual cottage style of white to the more formal and traditional, regal sophistication of black, distressed kitchen cabinets add character and charm to give the most popular room in the house a lived-in look that conveys an aura of comfortable warmth and age.