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Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing or Refacing

Refinishing cabinets kitchens at 1/5 the cost of installing new cabinets & 1/2 the price of Cabinet Refacing Atlanta.

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repainting Cabinets Transformations Kitchen and Bathroom

Thе іnitial ѕteр for existing cabinets painting requires planning. A standаrd long-lаstіng fіnіsh rеlies regarding how effectiνеly the cabinets hаve bееn prеpped.  Painting Kitchen or bathroom cabinet Doors and Frame Τhere are 2 techniques to раіnt Тhе Raised Panel Doors And Cаsing. One Wоuld Be Brυshing аnd rοlling. But that prоcedure rеfυѕеѕ to lοоk bесaυsе Grеat beсauѕe the second technique іs Spraying. We соmе inѕide and take a doorwayѕ bаck to Office plυs ѕpraу the doοrwаys . this takes rеgаrding a wееk tо prіmе and finish coνering the doorways. Yoυ then might Brυsh and roll the cаѕіngs οr mask еνеrуthing рluѕ then sрray the саѕіng. Αdditionally, We offer additional service to suit уoυr necessity. If yoυ’rе inside need οf any altеrnatіvе сοntrаctor sеrvіceѕ, and don’t haνe a specialiѕt yоu know plus trust contасt Us today.

Cabinet Refacing Atlanta GA

Cabinet Refacing Atlanta and Cabinet  Repainting  Refinishing Services

If you don’t plan on kitchen remodeling or replacing your old cabinet doors and drawer front, high quality painting your kitchen cabinet doors is an easy process that can be done in as fast as Five days. While you might eventually have to replace your worn out kitchen cabinets and drawers, painting allows you to hide any knocks, marks or dirty hand prints that they have accumulated over the years. Fresh coat of paint on your cabinets is simple way to buy a few more years for your Cabinetry.

Rejuvenate your home with newly Refinished or refaced  cabinets!

repainting cabinet doors and drawers front can cost as cheap as $1,500, much less than the more than $5,000 cost of replacing the cabinets completely. Combined with Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Atlanta, a good paint job can easily improve the appearance of your kitchen by tenfold.
When painting. The first decision to make, aside from color, is whether to use oil or latex-based paint. While latex-based dries faster and are easy relatively easy to clean, they take longer than oil-based paints to cure or come to its full strength. This means that oil-based paints are more durable and less prone to scratches or dents faster than a latex-based paint would. Latex-based paints are improving, however, and would most likely be more desirable for a family with small children or pets whose cabinets and drawers are more in danger of being damaged.

Tips for Painting refacing or refinishing repainting cabinets

Before you begin the painting process and have successfully removed all of the doors and drawers you plan to paint, use 150-grit sandpaper to remove any finish left on the drawers from past owners or the original builders. By removing the finish and stripping the doors down to the original hardware. The paint will adhere to the doors more and make the entire process simpler for you. To remove the dust from the sanding. And Then  use a tack cloth .which are made to remove the dust without leaving any trace residue. Stripping is not always necessary, however, so check to see if the type of paint you are using makes this necessary.


Prep Work is key for best results for your remodeling project

Once you have finally cleaned, sanded and filled any cracks in your wood cabinets the painting process can finally begin. When priming try to use an under-body, which will help fill in any small cracks or damages that you were not able to clean.

Sand the cabinets once again after putting down one layer of primer. And then after cleaning the dust off, the painting can finally begin. Use a synthetic-bristle brush with latex paint and a natural-bristle brush with oil-based paint. If you’re applying paint similar to the original shade, don’t worry about applying several coats.


5★★★★★“I had my ugly, worn kitchen cabinets repainted by Eagle Painting, and they look like they just came from the factory. The cabinets were painted white, so any imperfection would have showed. But they did a great job patching and making them look perfect. The price was reasonable and totally worth the high quality work! I am planning on using them for further painting in my house since they can do something as difficult as painting cabinets so well. Pros: quality”


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Kitchen Cabinet Painting Marietta GA: Viable Solution for Kitchen Improvement cabinet Repainting

Instilling a fresh and innovative chromatic design into your old and outdated kitchen doesn’t need the procurement of new kitchen painted cabinets, as specialized professional kitchen cabinet painting Marietta, GA Company give the simplest and easiest, budget friendly and customized solutions that meet your particular needs or choices in terms of color.

Picking the Color

It doesn’t matter if you are searching for timeless shade. Popularly known as outmoded or vintage such as the shade that look like the natural appearance and look of wood. which include red oak, mahogany, cherry, birch, walnut or you’re aiming at chromatically bracing the space of your kitchen with vibrant, dominant colors like fuchsia, poppy red, deep blue and bright green, Cabinet Refacing Atlanta, GA experts can assist you make the best choice. A new, fresh vibe of your kitchen space will not just increase the gloomy feature of your kitchen; however it will save you considerable amount of money and time. As the exterior background structure could be coated by these experts in your own place.

update your kitchen without the need to remodel it completely.

  1. Start By Cleaning and Getting Rid of Accumulated Dirt

Start your refinishing project by cleaning your old kitchen cabinets. Old cabinets usually have layers and layers of dirt, dust, grime, and grease. Before refinishing, you would want to first clean the cabinet to get rid of all the dirt.

A new paint or stain will not properly adhere to a dirty cabinet or greasy surface. With that, you should make sure to clean your cabinets thoroughly before refinishing them. In cleaning, use a screwdriver to remove the drawers, doors as well as other hardware such as handles and knobs. T

Remove the shelves inside interior spaces as well. Make sure to wipe the external surfaces of the cabinet using a damp cloth. It is better if you use mineral spirits to damp the cloth or natural cleaner using hot water and vinegar.

  1. Prepare Cabinet Before Actual Repainting

After cleaning the cabinets, the next step is to prepare the cabinetry. Preparing is important to ensure that you can make a durable and attractive finish. During the preparation stage, you need to find if the cabinet has holes, dings or cracks so you can fill it with wood filler.

If there are any peeling garnishes, you can use a fine sandpaper to remove them as well as roughen the stained surfaces. By doing this, you can make the cabinets to have a better bonding surface for new paint or stain.

After you sand the cabinet, wipe it off with a clean cloth then apply a paint primer. Sand the cabinets once again using sandpaper then wipe the dust off. If you are only going to stain the cabinets, you do not need to apply painter primer.

  1. Choose Your Paint and Start the Work

After the preparation, the next is the actual painting job. Of course, before that, you need to choose which color can perfectly enhance the look of your kitchen. If your kitchen has contemporary décor, white, black or glossy paint in uniform finish can better complement it.

The right paint depends on what kind of décor or style you are going for your kitchen. For instance, if it is a farmhouse style, then a sage green paint looks pretty. You just need to choose the stain or paint color that complements your current décor.

At the same time, choose the paint or stain color that matches your kitchen’s wooden features. When applying the paint or stain, brush in smooth and even strokes. To avoid the stain from dripping, avoid soaking too much. To make the color look more intense, you can apply a second coat.

  1. Buy New but Affordable Hardware

After refinishing kitchen cabinets, a good way to increase your kitchen space’s value is by adding new hardware. It does not have to be expensive hardware but just simple and small hardware that can enhance your kitchen to look and feel modern.

You can just add or replace your kitchen cabinets’ knobs and handles with hammered metal ones. This will give your kitchen a rustic look. If you are going for a cottage design, then white ceramic ones are the best choice.

Other simple kitchen hardware you can try include antique glass knobs. This will provide your kitchen with a more country ambiance and look. If you want it to have a more creative and bright look for your white cabinetry, why not try bolder colored knobs and handles?

Trying these simple additions will surely add a wow factor to your kitchen. It will make your kitchen space more creative and more attractive to the eyes of your visitors. Bright and bold colors will especially create an inviting, can’t-take-my-eyes kind of vibe.

Of course, if you have a limited budget you can skip the knobs and handles. You can just focus on painting and Cabinet refinishing. However, if you can spare a bit of money, then trying out some additions and extra accessories is great.

Follow these simple refinishing tips and you can make increase the value of your kitchen. If you are selling your home, you can make sure your kitchen will not turn off any potential buyer. If you just want to upgrade your home, well these tips will make the job simple for you.

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