Cabinet Painting: Modern Ideas And Color Predictions To Know!

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The new year is around the corner! And giving your kitchen a fresh look can be a good idea to welcome 2023.

Are you probably looking for ways to save money on this project? That’s when cabinet painting Marietta becomes an alternative. Instead of remodeling your entire kitchen, you can choose this affordable option.

Yes! Give a refreshing touch to your cabinets with a fresh coat of paint. In this blog, we’re discussing some cabinet color trends and ideas. So, explore the ideas first! Then contact us!


cabinet painting Marietta


Modern Cabinet Painting Ideas To Know

Cabinets are a focal point of your cooking zone, so they deserve a little more attention. However, let’s look at what’s trending in this sector so you can get the ideas you need.

Two Tone Cabinets

Yes! Two-tone cabinets are very much IN this year. It’s a great way to insert some meaning into your space, and you get the freedom to use more than one of your favorite tones. Plus, this option allows for more decorating options. If you ask us, we typically observe gray or blue on the lower parts with a shade of white on the upper parts.

Colorful Accents

If you wish to add various colors or some great color combo in your kitchen area, you can consider adding accent colors to your palette. Choose colorful handles and knobs and accent-painted edging to offer a radiant vibe to your kitchen.

Colors for Your Personality

Would you like to reflect on your personality while opting for a cabinet painting service in Marietta? Then this idea is for you! We always ask you to choose interior paint colors based on your personality.

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The Color Options Are Popular For Every Attitude:

1. Alabaster White

2. Pure White

3. Repose Gray

5. Snow Bound White

6. Extra White

7. Custom Colors

8. White Dove

9. Gray

10. Swiss Coffee

Besides, you can opt for other options, like


It is a warm and inviting color with a creamy shade that can set the tone for the rest of the room. Hazelnut will never go out of style! So, choose this color option blindly while hiring a cabinet painting service.


It is a trending color for its gray-green hue with a lilac undertone. This color trend works for the decor of all colors and styles.

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Bottom Line!

Need A-class cabinet painting services in Marietta? Always consider hiring our professionals for the accomplishment of this job. We can help you transform your cooking zone by upgrading its style, aesthetic appeal, and practicality. So, contact us and read our other blog posts to discover more!

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