Cabinet Refinishing – What Affects the Cost of This Project!

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Are you planning to give your kitchen a new look? But your kitchen cabinet may eat up much of your budget. After all, they are the work shore of this space! But the good news is you can consider refinishing it. And the cost will be much lower than a full replacement. Most homeowners in Woodstock opt for this approach if they are on a tight budget.


But how much? What factors contribute to the overall cost of this project? In this blog, we have introduced a few that can help you understand the estimate.



Factors Influencing the Cost of Cabinet Refinishing


Number of Cabinet Doors and Drawers


The number and size of the cabinet matter a lot when it comes to determining the price of cabinet refinishing. If your kitchen cabinetry has more pieces, such as windows and doors, it will cost you more. A smaller kitchen has fewer cabinets in comparison to a larger kitchen, which means the cost will be lower. Visit our Facebook page to get more ideas.


Finish Type


The finish type you choose will also affect the cost of cabinet refinishing. According to requirements, some contractors include materials such as primer, topcoat, etc. And these are what can elevate the cost. If the contractor takes more time and uses certified cabinet coatings, it will increase the overall price.


If you use similar color, it will cost less than changing the color, as professionals need not remove the old stain. The choice of paint also determines the cost of this refinishing project. Removing the existing finish can be time-consuming that will cost you more. Visit different social sites, like Twitter or Yelp, to know more.


Cabinet Design


In Woodstock, many homeowners appoint contractors to analyze the condition of their kitchen cabinets. But it can be a daunting task and time-consuming. For example, if your kitchen cabinetry has tight angles and double-hinged doors, they make the project more difficult. And in this case, the contractors take more time to prep, sand, and refinish the cabinet, resulting in increased costs. But reliable contractors never charge extra for this service. In this regard, they have always been transparent.


Cabinet refinishing is an excellent option to modernize your kitchen within your determined budget. And that is where we show expertise. The coatings we use will not crack, peel, or fade. Our experts know how to enhance the look of your kitchen. So, contact us!

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