Refinish Kitchen Cabinets – Tips and How To

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Are you looking for ways to upgrade your kitchen?

Refinish kitchen cabinets  is one of the most popular ways for low-cost kitchen remodeling. It makes a huge difference to how your kitchen looks when you transform your cabinet into a more attractive one. If you have no idea how to start, this article gives you a step-by-step guide as well as tips on how to refinish your kitchen cabinet.

Start By Cleaning and Getting Rid of Accumulated Dirt

Start your refinishing project by cleaning your old kitchen cabinets. Old cabinets usually have layers and layers of dirt, dust, grime, and grease. Before refinishing or staining kitchen cabinets, you would want to first clean the cabinet to get rid of all the dirt.

A new paint or stain will not properly adhere to a dirty cabinet or greasy surface. With that, you should make sure to clean your cabinets thoroughly before refinishing them. In cleaning, use a screwdriver to remove the drawers, doors as well as other hardware such as handles and knobs.

Then Remove the shelves inside interior spaces as well. Make sure to wipe the external surfaces of the cabinet using a damp cloth. It is better if you use mineral spirits to damp the cloth or natural cleaner using hot water and vinegar.

Prepare Cabinet Before Actual Refinishing or staining kitchen cabinets

After cleaning the cabinets, the next step is to prepare the cabinetry. Preparing is important to ensure that you can make a durable and attractive finish. During the preparation stage, you need to find if the cabinet has holes, dings or cracks so you can fill it with wood filler.

If there are any peeling garnishes, you can use a fine sandpaper to remove them as well as roughen the stained surfaces. By doing this, you can make the cabinets to have a better bonding surface for new paint or stain.

After you sand the cabinet, wipe it off with a clean cloth then apply a paint primer. Sand the cabinets once again using sandpaper then wipe the dust off. If you are only going to stain the cabinets, you do not need to apply painter primer.

Choose Your Paint and Start the Work

After the preparation, the next is the actual painting job. Of course, before that, you need to choose which color can perfectly enhance the look of your kitchen. If your kitchen has contemporary décor, white, black or glossy paint in uniform finish can better complement it.

The right paint depends on what kind of décor or style you are going for your kitchen. For instance, if it is a farmhouse style, then a sage green paint looks pretty. You just need to choose the stain or paint color that complements your current décor.

At the same time, choose the paint or stain color that matches your kitchen’s wooden features. When applying the paint or stain, brush in smooth and even strokes. To avoid the stain from dripping, avoid soaking too much. To make the color look more intense, you can apply a second coat.

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Buy New but Affordable Hardware

After Refinish kitchen cabinets, a good way to increase your kitchen space’s value is by adding new hardware. It does not have to be expensive hardware but just simple and small hardware that can enhance your kitchen to look and feel modern.

You can just add or replace your kitchen cabinets’ knobs and handles with hammered metal ones. This will give your kitchen a rustic look. If you are going for a cottage design, then white ceramic ones are the best choice.

Other simple kitchen hardware you can try include antique glass knobs. This will provide your kitchen with a more country ambiance and look. If you want it to have a more creative and bright look for your white cabinetry, why not try bolder colored knobs and handles?

Trying these simple additions will surely add a wow factor to your kitchen. It will make your kitchen space more creative and more attractive to the eyes of your visitors. Bright and bold colors will especially create an inviting, can’t-take-my-eyes kind of vibe.

Of course, if you have a limited budget you can skip the knobs and handles. You can just focus on painting and refinishing your cabinets. However, if you can spare a bit of money, then trying out some additions and extra accessories is great.

Follow these simple refinishing tips and you can make increase the value of your kitchen. If you are selling your home, you can make sure your kitchen will not turn off any potential buyer. If you just want to upgrade your home, well these tips will make the job simple for you.