Understanding Cabinet Refacing- Essential Factors to Know!

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Yes, the prime goal during kitchen remodeling is changing the look of your cabinets. However, homeowners often demolish their cabinetry as they get bored of it. It is similar to getting rid of a car only because you don’t like its color.


In such situations, you can dramatically change the look of your kitchen cabinet through refacing. This service gives most of the benefits of cabinet replacement but at a minimum cost.



What Is Cabinet Refacing?


Cabinet refacing is all about replacing the skins of the cabinet. We cabinet restoration specialists remove the doors and drawer fronts by applying a new veneer. It includes the hardware that also gets replaced during refacing. You can visit our contact us page for more info in this context.


How Refacing Works


Cabinet refacing replaces cabinet skin panels to give your kitchen a dramatic look. Your cabinets might be scratched or cracked, like replacing a good smartphone.


Refacing comprises removing the drawer fronts and cabinet doors. We, cabinet painting specialists, apply a new veneer on the cabinet body surfaces. Stay tuned to our blog page for more information about our refacing jobs.


FYI- refacing requires a day or two and goes through:


  • Removing the existing cabinet doors, drawers, and fronts, leaving the drawers.
  • Cover the front portions of the cabinets with natural wood veneer or RTF.
  • Skinning the cabinet sides with wood veneer or laminate.
  • Adding new door hinges or reusing existing ones in good condition
  • Installing new cabinetry doors and drawer fronts.
  • Installing new handles, drawer pulls, and other fixtures.


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Is It Worth It to Reface Kitchen Cabinets?


We understand that remodeling your kitchen can be expensive. But with cabinet refacing, you can make a big difference. We, specialists, expose cabinet face frames with matching wood or plastic veneer. We completely transform your kitchen’s look at a significantly smaller budget. If still in doubt about our professionalism, check Yelp.


Pros of Refacing Kitchen Cabinets


Cabinet refacing has advantages, and it is best to consider these beforehand. If your kitchen layout meets your needs, you might want to keep it. In those cases, refacing is an ideal option. Refacing provides varied exterior possibilities for both natural woods and laminates. Follow us on Twitter to gain more insight into these advantages.




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