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Why You Should Hire Professionals to Do Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in Georgia

Refinishing  service the kitchen cabinets in your home is the best way to give it a new and updated look. Everyone knows how difficult it is to upgrade a kitchen without spending tons of money. However, professional kitchen cabinet refinishing does not cost much.

There are many kitchen cabinet painters who promise to make your old kitchen look new and fresh. Some may even think about doing the painting without any help. However, when it comes to the kitchen, it’s very important to choose a professional service. Here are the reasons why:

Avoid Making a Mess

If you don’t want to make a mess redoing the kitchen cabinets, you should hire a
kitchen cabinet painting in Marietta, GA (Georgia), service. The pros will be able to get it done without causing spills or unsightly streaks. This is also the easiest method for you as well.

Save Money

Despite popular belief, it’s actually more affordable to hire a cabinet refinishing in Marietta service than to go about doing it yourself. You may have to spend more money out of pocket to buy necessary tools or materials when undertaking the task yourself. When you hire a third party, the professionals will already have the tools needed. Essentially, you can get everything done for a one-time fee.

Enjoy Discounts

You will find plenty of kitchen cabinet painting contractors in Atlanta, Woodstock GA (Georgia), Cartersville, GA (Georgia), or Marietta, GA (Georgia). Thanks to free market competition, you will be able to take advantage of great rates that can save money without compromising the quality of work.

Ensure Durability with Refacing, Not Replacement

Most homeowners think replacing kitchen cabinets is the most financially sound decision that can ensure durability. This is unfortunately not the case. Any pro working with cabinet refacing near Marietta, GA (Georgia), or Atlanta, GA (Georgia), will tell you that older kitchen cabinets have the sturdier structure. Most modern cabinets are made with cheap materials and come apart after only a few years of use. So, if you simply reface instead of replace, you can save money and ensure longer use.

Choose from Different Types of Material

Professional cabinet painting in Marietta, GA (Georgia), Dallas, GA (Georgia), and other services elsewhere offer clients a number of different materials to choose from.  Not only can you choose nice colors, but you can also choose a paint with desirable properties such as durability, washable, and resistance to heat. You can also pick any material for refinishing as you like. You may even be able to ask for a sample picture of what you can expect your kitchen to look like before the changes are made.

Hiring professional refinishing experts is also a very fast option. Most services can get it done in two to three days.

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5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Gene and team did an excellent job on my kitchen cabinets as well as painting an open living area in my home. My kitchen looks and feels brand new and my family couldn’t be happier with the results. Gene is very knowledgeable when it comes to this type of work and he was able to answer all my questions. I recommend Eagles Painting with any cabinetry or painting work!

James Ogle
James Ogle

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

I hired them to pressure wash my house. They came out on time, worked quickly, quality was great and the price was fantastic. Would recommend them to any friend or family.


5 out of 5 stars

posted 8 months ago

I contacted Eagle painting and spoke with Gene and his wife Monica regarding getting our home ready for sale. They offered outstanding advice and are very hardworking professionals. Gene gave me great advice on choosing a color and they protected our home from over spray. I love my kitchen and wish I didn't have to sell it after the wonderful job they did. I will be using their services from now on and even in our new home for future jobs! Great people!

Top Reasons why you should consider Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

If you are tired of living with an outdated and old kitchen, maybe you would like to update your kitchen cabinet to expedite the sale of your home. There are lots of options available when it comes to remodeling your kitchen, including painting, refinishing and replacing your cabinets. Here, you will know and learn the top reasons why you should consider kitchen cabinet refacing. Check these out:

  • Affordability– Refacing your kitchen cabinet is very affordable depending on the size of the kitchen. Refacing makes use of your old, structurally sound cabinets. Your old cabinets are often better constructed than today’s cabinets. This is one of the reasons why refacing was such a great idea 35 years ago and is still going strong today.
  • Choices– When it comes to kitchen cabinet refacing, you can choose from any door material and style on the market today. Solid wood doors come in over 230 stain colors for each species of wood. If you need help with visualizing your kitchen, there are lots of before and after photos of kitchen refacing right on the web. In addition to this, kitchen remodeling magazines can give you some great ideas as to what would be the best door colors and choices for your kitchen.
  • Fast– Cabinet refacing can be done in 2-4 days. Drawer fronts and doors are prepared and sprayed ahead of time, delivered to your kitchen and hung. Unlike refinishing or painting your cabinets, cabinet refacing will not leave any poisonous fumes in your kitchen area. If you decide to add additional cabinets, it doesn’t lengthen the usual refacing time.
  • No Mess– With cabinet refacing, you will still be able to have access to your kitchen during the refacing process. Once the refacing is complete in 2-4 days, your kitchen cabinet will be clean and ready to use.